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The Korean Nutrition Society Invitation to 50th Anniversary International Conference

Having performed activities to promote people's health by leading the academic development of dielectrics in the past half-century, the Korean Nutrition Society (KNS) will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2017. In this regard, the KNS will hold an international conference on "Integrative Nutrition for Active Life".
On behalf of the organizing committee of the KNS, it is my great pleasure to welcome all the participants at í«2017 The Korean Nutrition Society 50th Anniversary International Conferenceí». The meeting will be held at Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel (http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/south-korea/millennium-seoul-hilton-SELHITW/index.html), South Korea on November 2~3, 2017, and we would greatly appreciate your participation.

A multilateral integral approach is needed to maintain and improve a healthy level of life, considering that a healthy life is required by the development of science and technology and the ensuing increase in life expectancy. In addition to the use of big data using artificial intelligence, a food-nutrition approach is also needed to cope with changes in consumer-led industrial system and climate. Accordingly, the KNS has prepared for an arena to communicate with each other about the domestic and foreign trends of "Integrative Nutrition for Active Life".

The forthcoming conference is expected to be a platform where domestic and foreign food-nutrition researchers, national institutions and industry experts build a network, exchange their opinions and gain an insight into current health issues. In addition, the conference is intended to provide participants with chances to discuss a future dietetics by letting them know changes in industrial system.

Using this conference, the KNS aims to establish a new milestone for offering the vision of dietetics and contributing to the improvement of people's health. I ask you for much interest in and support for our Society's development, and invite you to this conference in the expectation that the conference will be a good opportunity to think over integrative nutrition for the maintenance and improvement of living quality in the rapidly changing circumstances across the world.

June, 2017 Moon-Jeong Chang, Ph. D.
President of the Korean Nutrition Society